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Dryer Repair

Dryers are a time-saving, valuable appliance. Most people are very dependent on this modern laundry convenience, so it can be very frustrating if problems appear...

Washing Machine Repair

Presence of a washing machine in a household is an incredible convenience that can be taken for granted — that is until it leaves you with loads of clothes to sort...

Range Hood Repair

If your kitchen does not smell like delicious aromas in Hollywood, Call us to make it happen. Range hoods, also known as extractor hoods or vent hoods...


Payless Appliance Repair Hollywood takes up small charges for fitting charges. They usually take only the price of the hardware material from me, and I am amazed.


They have the proper expertise to handle any issues in customer support. When I dialed Payless Appliance Repair Hollywood number, they listened to all my issues and directed experts to handle my case.


Payless Appliance Repair Hollywood has worked in this field for quite a time now as they have been the best appliance repair service available in the California. Payless Appliance Repair Hollywood has a lot of recommendations for their appliance repair works, fitting and electric wiring works.


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At Payless, everyone believes that repairing the appliances at home is only the very beginning of the job and while it is an important one, it is not everything our employee want to do. At our appliance repair shop, we strive to deliver a superior service to all of our customers by providing all that we can to protect their house adequately.

When you work with our expert team, you can trust that you will be working with professionals who take pride in the cleanliness of the work they do; that pride is reflected in how they treat you, as well as how they treat your house. For example, they put on protective shoe covers before they enter and bring their doormat to the job in Hollywood , California.

Other things that set us apart:

  • Working with qualified experts.
  • All of our parts are guaranteed.
  • We offer flat rate, upfront pricing.
  • Uniformed and courteous technicians.
  • We will show up on time for your scheduled appointment.

Why Us

Payless Appliance Repair is your optimal choice when it comes to servicing and repairing the faulty appliances. Our technicians are among the top employees; having been recruited for possessing extensive training, exceptional skills, and experience in the field.  Our employees also continue education to stay up to date of modern technology.  We ensure superior results as we exclusively utilize high-end equipment, products, parts, and tools across Hollywood.


With Payless Appliance Repair, you’ll feel like the top priority and most significant asset, which is why we diligently deliver satisfaction to the fullest. We do all that is possible to make the experience of yours with us, extraordinary as we go the extra mile so that we can enhance your appliances to their full potential. If your device is beyond repair, we will recommend a few other solutions to get you by temporarily if possible or a replacement. We pride ourselves on delivering honest work as we strive to become your priority appliance repair company and quality repairs in Hollywood , California.

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